At Melbourne Smiles, James Tsun, has an extensive background in making All-On-Four appliances and he is happy to be a part of your patients’ treatment plan from start to finish on the clinical side of things as he is a Dental Prosthetist.

Alternatively, our dental laboratory can look after the case behind the scenes by providing you with amazing service, following your timeframes; technical support and high end quality of the final prosthetic outcome. We’re happy to assist you in any way you desire.

Full Arch Fixed Implant Solutions available:

  • All-On-Four Titanium Milled Bar
  • All-On-Four (Immediate Loading)
  • Full Zirconia Implant Bridge
  • Fixed Removable (i.e. fixed bar to fixture level with locators or clips attached to it for a removable denture to be retained to)

All-On-Four is a terrific solution that is fast and effective for patients with no teeth or deteriorating dentition. This treatment can be done in as little as three days and pre-operative work ups can be done in our denture clinic/laboratory or in your surgery setting. The transformation to change someone’s life; their happiness; their confidence; their smile; their belief in themselves is something quite remarkable. Melbourne Smiles wants to partner with you to achieve these results for your patients.